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Friday, November 17, 2006

Gifted adults in the workplace

Are gifted adults accepted in the workplace? That depends, perhaps, on the culture of that workplace. A real example of working life, here, in Singapore, tells its own tale.

In a famous school in Singapore, one respected throughout the country, one to which many more students wish to apply than there are places to accept them, there works a teacher. He is a good teacher. In fact, he is a great teacher. This teacher has won several accolades for his teaching work: he has, in fact, been nationally recognized as a great teacher. How, then, do his colleagues welcome him?

Some do so with silence. Another, however, has a different method. Ever since this leading teacher rose to prominence and respecct, this colleague has been writing the noted teacher anonymous emails of a particularly nasty nature. These are emails calculated to wound and terrorize, to dispirit and discourage. They are a regular flow into our esteemed teacher's inbox.

Someone I know, knows both of these people: knows the victim and the perpetrator of this perpetual harrassment. When confronted about it, and asked: "Why are you doing this?" He says, "You don't don't understand."

Yes, we do understand, jealousy and spite are the same everywhere - and rarely has anyone been more jealous than this man.

I tell this story because it is in sharp contrast to the welcome my son receives at school. Perhaps his school is unusual - or the attitude of people changes when there is a career and money involved.

You should note that there is no racism at work, here. For the victim and the perpetrator are both the same race.

Are gifted adults welcomed in your country? Or could a similar situation easily develop? Your tales please...

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 12:47 PM 


Blogger Bonnie said...

He should just start posting the emails on the web, with proper attribution.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

That would be interesting. What I find curious in the situation is that others who know about the bullying in the school are doing nothing about it. It is almost as if they condone it.

10:36 AM  

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