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This is the true story of scientific child prodigy, and former baby genius, Ainan Celeste Cawley, written by his father. It is the true story, too, of his gifted brothers and of all the Cawley family. I write also of child prodigy and genius in general: what it is, and how it is so often neglected in the modern world. As a society, we so often fail those we should most hope to see succeed: our gifted children and the gifted adults they become. Site Copyright: Valentine Cawley, 2006 +

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hafiz Osman's Art: a birthday surprise.

Hafiz Osman is a Singaporean artist who works in many media: painting, sculpture, designed objects and interiors. He is uncle to Ainan Celeste Cawley, 6, the scientific child prodigy - and brother to Syahidah Osman Cawley, also an artist. (To read about Ainan, the prodigy, go to: )

"Hafiz Osman's Birthday Surprise!" is an exhibition of some of his works, showing at the Gone Fishing Cafe, Chu Lin Road, Hillview, Singapore, from October 22nd to November 2nd 2006. This cafe has evolved into an alternative arts venue, showing art works, installations and photography and attracting much attention for its initiatives in this area. The exhibition is called "Hafiz Osman's Birthday Surprise!" because it is just that: a birthday surprise. He has no idea the exhibition is taking place and will only discover it on being invited to the cafe for a birthday party, with his family.

Here we have a few of his art works. "Copy of a copy" and the Blue Writing series will be shown at the exhibition.

Below are the opening hours of the Gone Fishing Cafe. If you would like to come and view the paintings, sip a coffee, eat some cake and chat amiably, please check these times first.

Operating hours:
Open 5 days a week (Wed-Sun), closed on Mon-Tue (except for talks/special events).
Weekdays (Wed, Thu & Fri):
Open 11.30 am - 2.30 pm, 5.30 pm - 11.30 pmClosed for siesta 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm,

Weekends (Sat & Sun) & Public Holidays:
Open all day: 11.30 am - 11.30 pm (no siesta)

The exhibition opens on the 22nd October 2006 and runs to the 2nd of November 2006. The exhibition is organized by Syahidah Osman Cawley, whose surprise it is.

All works are copyright Hafiz Osman. If you want the work, commission him, don't copy him.

For more on Hafiz Osman's art, go to:



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